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Welcome to The Hilltop Group of companies.

Very excited to combine the different aspects of our professional, and hobby worlds!

Under The Hilltop Group, LLC are:

  • Secretarial (formerly Ritchie Secretarial Service) Over twenty-three years of quality service!
  • Consulting (which includes both Kathy’s consulting for virtual assistants, and Michael’s consulting)
  • Hilltop Arts:  Which is full of interesting and unique items.
  • Herbal Journal: Herbal consultations, remedies, articles and tips
  • Hilltop Herbals: All natural herbal remedies and pampering products. (On the Hilltop-Arts store)
  • Hilltop Photography: Photography from all over on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Hilltop Video Services: Custom videos, marketing, photo, greeting cards and more at value prices.

Thanks for visiting!

Michael & Kathy McCabe, Owners