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Custom Commerative Plaque

I was honored to design this edge-lit acrylic received plaque for a customer recently.

Of you’re interested in custom projects, please reach out using it contact form. Order result in time for Christmas!

Hilltop Video Services

My husband, the brilliant man that he is, has started an amazing new service. Hilltop Video Services.

Custom video marketing and videos for whatever your need is. Advertising for the masses – at affordable rates and cost-efficient subscriptions.

Haven’t you always wanted to advertise as the big boys do? I know I have – but I could never afford the price. Now you can!

Hilltop Video Service - Video Advertising for the masses

So visit today and then get in touch with Michael to customize video marketing for your company.

New Store

Welcome to the “New” Hilltop Arts!

We are revamping our online store again and hope to be back up soon. Look for our latest offerings in the new year. Stay tuned for an inventory closeout so we can make room for the latest products.

Thank you for being a vital part of our success!

Kathy & Michael McCabe