The Hilltop Group, LLC is owned by Michael & Kathy McCabe.

Michael works in Emmitsburg, MD at the National Fire Academy, and Kathy spends her days as a very busy virtual office assistant to a host of national and international clients. In their off time, they relax by doing various things including Michael’s Art Glass, and Kathy’s graphic designs, photography, heraldic arts, & Hilltop Herbals.

They live in Fairfield, PA with their Miniature Dachshund children, Mac & Ginger

Email us: kathy@thehilltopgrp.com 

At The Hilltop Group, we promise 2 things:

We will never charge a merchant fee surcharge! We consider it a cost of doing business, and taking credit cards and or using a payment gateway is a convenience that increases our customer base. (More about merchant surcharging at the bottom of the page.)

We will never share our customer information with anyone… Ever. View our privacy policy.

Specific to Hilltop Herbals products, we are not doctors and cannot guarantee a product’s effectiveness for each individual. We can only state what has worked for us and for those who have tested it or purchased it.

More on Merchant Surcharging:  Read Kathy’s Blog about this.

Merchant Surcharging – Understanding Payment Card Changes

What is a Surcharge?
A payment card surcharge is a fee that a retailer adds to the cost of a purchase when a customer uses a payment card.
Changes to Surcharging Fees in the United States
Beginning January 27, 2013, merchants in the United States and U.S. Territories will be permitted to impose a surcharge on consumers when they use a credit card.

What This Means for Consumers
* Consumers will pay an additional fee when they use their credit card at retailers that decide to surcharge.
* Consumers should be aware there are limits to the amount merchants can surcharge.
* Retailers are permitted to apply a surcharge to only credit card purchases and cannot impose a surcharge for purchases made using a debit or prepaid card.
* If retailers intend to impose a surcharge on credit card purchases, they are required to notify customers before customers make an actual purchase at the store entrance and at the point of sale – or in an online environment, on the first page that references credit card brands.
* Retailers must disclose surcharge fees on every receipt – both in-store and online.
* Carefully review receipts where checkout fees should appear.
* Retailers Can Offer a Discount for Cash and Check Purchases
* Retailers can encourage their customers to use other forms of payment, such as cash and checks, and can discount for PIN debit and cash.