The Hilltop Group Family of Companies

Something amazing coming to Hilltop Herbals

DSC_6982Inside this little jar is the most amazing cream I’ve ever used on my body.  Bar None!  It is still in development, and as yet unnamed but it is bliss for skin… Maybe I should call it Blissful Skin or something. Wow its incredible. I’ve suffered from horribly dry skin all my life and this entirely natural – seriously! – cream is making me feel much differently about my skin.

I’ve given out some samples to ladies to test for me, so far some very positive comments. And as soon as I’ve finalized the recipe I will put it up on Hilltop Herbals for sale. I’m 100% sure you’ll be pleased!

Stay tuned!

Kathy McCabe

Consulting Options

Hello! I’m happy to offer consulting options for both virtual assistants and business owners looking to hire virtual assistants.  My over sixteen years of experience can be a valuable asset for you! Let me talk you through becoming a virtual assistant, or in finding your new virtual assistant.

Call today at 877-897-1859 or email me.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Kathy McCabe

Hello world!

Very excited to combine the different aspects of our professional, and hobby worlds!

Under The Hilltop Group, LLC will be:

  • Secretarial (formerly Ritchie Secretarial Service) located here.
  • Consulting (which will include both Kathy’s consulting for virtual assistants, and Michael’s consulting)
  • Hilltop Arts:  Which will be Heraldic Designs, Photography, and eventually, Michael’s creative work.

Watch for more Soon!