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Fake Essential Oils and How to Spot Them

Fake Essential Oils and How to Spot Them

Fake Essential Oils and How to Spot ThemEssential Oils are the newest ‘old’ health remedies and essential oils of all qualities – including fake – are flooding the market. Which is why its more important than ever to be sure you’re getting the real deal. As an herbalist, it is my passion to have the right information to give you, but its also my duty to the best of my ability. Please read this excellent article about how to know good essential oils from bad ones.

I personally use essential oils for aromatherapy, in my salves and lotions, in my baths and so on. I use the highest quality and most organic essential oils I can find. Yes, it can be expensive, but you get what you pay for in my opinion. Always read carefully and if you’re unsure about the oil, ask an expert, or move to a brand you’re more sure of.  As always, use common sense. Follow directions, for instance, many essential oils will cause damage to your skin if you don’t use a carrier oil.

I’m a big fan of Essential Oils from:
NYR Organic (Plus they have some other wonderful products!)
Mountain Rose Herbs

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